La Casita provides artists, scholars and researchers the opportunity to engage with the local Hispanic Community and use the various resources in our Library and Archives.

Community Engaged Scholars

La Casita has established close relations with members of the Hispanic community and community partner organizations across the city of Syracuse and the CNY region. La Casita engages with artists, scholars and researchers locally, statewide and nationally to help facilitate focus groups, interviews, community art projects, and more.

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Bilingual Library

The Bilingual Library at La Casita houses a collection of titles that examine Latin American and US Latino culture through music, theatre, politics, economics, history, art, sociology, anthropology, literature, religion and more. The library also has a collection of classic and contemporary literary works by Spanish, Latin American and US Latino authors. There is a substantial collection of bilingual books and educational materials for children in the Center’s dual language literacy programs. In addition, the collection includes La Casita’s own children’s publications, written and illustrated by the young participants enrolled in La Casita’s writing program.

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Cultural Memory Archive

The Cultural Memory Archive houses a collection of artifacts and primary documents loaned or donated by the local community. La Casita has compiled a collection of photographs, audio and video recordings, as well as digitized documents that examine the Latino-American experience in the region. Artists and scholars can use the archive as a resource to advance their research.

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Managed by Syracuse University‚Äôs Office of Cultural Engagement for the Hispanic Community, this space serves as an interactive laboratory for civic engagement and museum studies research. 

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