La Casita’s provides artists, scholars and researchers the opportunity to engage with the local Hispanic Community and use the various resources in our Library and Archives.

Community Engagement

La Casita has established close relations with the local Hispanic community as well as the local community organizations. La Casita is able to connect artists, scholars and researchers with members of the local community for various projects, including focus groups, interviews, program participants, community art projects, and many more. La Casita has also close ties to community organization throughout Syracuse and the greater Central New York Region.

Bilingual Library

The Bilingual Library houses a collection of scholarly books that examine Latin American and US Latino Communities through music, theatre, politics, economics, history, art, sociology, anthropology, literature, religion and more. The library also has a collection of classic and contemporary Literary works by Spanish, Latin American and US Latino authors. The Library is also the home to Corresponding Voices, a poetry collection published by Point of Contact (Punto de Contacto) that brings poets from different backgrounds together in a dialogue, and La Casita’s annual Children’s Book, which is written by children enrolled in our Dual-Language Literacy Programs.

Cultural Memory Archive

The Cultural Memory Archive house a collection of artifacts and primary documents collected from the local community. Throughout the years La Casita has compiled a collection photographs, audio recordings, video recordings and digital documents that examined the lives of the local community. Artists Scholars are able to use these primary documents in their research. To use the resources available in the Archive you must set-up an appointment with La Casita’s Librarian.