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La Casita Cultural Center: Building bridges through art, culture, and education

La Casita is a vibrant cultural center supported by The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University. It provides career-focused internship and volunteering opportunities in the areas of education, child and family studies, cross-cultural marketing and communications, Hispanic media, languages, social work, library sciences, visual and performing arts, and museum studies among others. La Casita is commited to enhancing civic leadership capacities for Syracuse University's and Central New York’s Latino/Latin American communities.

Contact: For more information, email lacasita@syr.edu or call 315-443-2151. Follow us on Twitter: @LaCasitaCenter and find us on Facebook via La Casita Cultural Center Project

La Casita News

La Casita's yearly signature show is open to the public through December 2014. The new edition of the BALCÓN is a special tribute to Hispanic veterans and their historic contributions in the U.S. Armed Forces.