La Casita’s Youth Programs focus on visual and performance arts, bilingual literacy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Programs also utilize creative expression and mindfulness as a way to work through issues of mental and emotional distress, wellness and self-care among other areas of our children’s daily lives.

Explorative Art

Ages 8+
A weekly program exploring art and getting to know the self, led by Creative Art Therapy student Jessica McGhee. In this program participants use various art making materials and techniques as a way of self exploration and to engage in the process of creative expression.

Jessica McGhee is a native of Los Angeles and received her BFA from Syracuse University. Jessica is a current Creative Arts Therapy, M.S. candidate in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. Jessica will be leading the weekly “Explorative Art ” workshop at LA Casita. In the workshop students will be able to explore creative expression and learn about the feelings which all humans experience as a natural part of life. Expect to get messy and have fun!


All Ages
ARTE is a weekly art making program led by local artist Abisay Puentes. Participants will learn technical art making skills including drawing, perspective, shading, and painting.

Abisay Puentes is a multimedia, visual artist and a composer, whose artistic expression flows from visual to aural in a diverse aesthetic performance. For Puentes, artistic expression is not bound by the traditional categorical divisions that separate painting from music. As Puentes challenges the traditional sepeartion of aural and visual categories of art, in his complex, sight and sound merge into one perceptual experience.


All Ages
Música is a weekly program where participants work one-on-one and in a group to explore and develop their musical abilities. No previous experience of instrument required.

ECHOES of the Culture

Ages 12+
ECHOES of the Culture is a weekly acting workshop. Participants use acting, voice and body movements as a form of self-expression, reflection, healing and wellness.

Drumming Workshop

Ages 5+

Drumming Workshops with musicians from Puerto Rico and Cuba.


All Ages

DANZA is a weekly Dance workshop. Participants in this program enjoy the rhythm and beat of Latin American dances.

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