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Bilingual Library & Cultural Memory Archive

La Casita's Bilingual Library and Cultural Memory Archive aim to document and share the experiences of Latinos on the global and local levels. For students in Library and Information Sciences and Cultural Heritage Preservation this is a great opportunity to acquire library and archival experiences.


Bilingual Libary 

La Casita houses a bilingual library to serve as an interactive space and lending library where children, local residents, students, and scholars can discover the richness and diversity of U.S. Latino and Latin American literatures and cultures. The library is building a collection of culturally relevant bilingual children's books written and illustrated by Latinos about the Latino experience. The library space was designed and built by Syracuse University students from the Society of Multicultural Architects and Designers in SU’s School of Architecture.

Your Stories, Your Library

Your Stories, Your Library is an annual campaign aimed at increasing support for the Bilingual Library and Dual Language Literacy Programs. Through the Your Stories, Your Library campaign La Casita intends to enhance the experience of visitors who use the library and expand the opportunities available to the Casita community. The funds raised during this campaign will be used to build the Library's collection of bilingual books, provide Latino students volunteer opportunities within the community, produce annual publications authored and illustrated by children enrolled in our programs, enhance the current programs being offered and develop new literacy programs. 

Oral History Series 

Open forums where local community members share their stories and discuss issues of relevance to them following prompts and interviews designed by journalism and social sciences programs at Syracuse University. Scheduled interviews and occasional open mic sessions are recorded on video to be preserved in La Casita’s Library as part of its cultural memory archive.

Image digitizing services

Historic pieces that tell the history of our families and community are welcome to be scanned or photographed at no cost. These pieces are cataloged and preserved in La Casita's Cultural Memory Archive, a digital archiving project in collaboration with Syracuse University Libraries. La Casita is prepared to digitize photos, documents, prints, art pieces, old family keepsakes and transparencies. Families may keep the originals along with digital copies that will remain in perfect condition for years to come.